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Name of the study


Molecular stool testing for Colorectal CAncer Surveillance (MOCCAS) study

Researchers and contact information


Study coordinator:

Dr. Beatriz Carvalho, Dept Pathology, NKI-AVL

E:, T: 020 5121732


Principal investigators:

Prof. dr. Manon van Engeland, Dept. Pathology, MUMC

Prof. dr. Evelien Dekker, Dept. Gastroenterology, AMC

Prof.dr. Gerrit A Meijer, Dept. Pathology, NKI-AVL


Summary study


The MOCCAS study is a cross-sectional cohort study that aims to determine the performance characteristics of two established non-invasive tests, i.e. the multitarget stool DNA test Cologuard® and the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) in the detection of CRC and advanced adenomas as an alternative for colonoscopy surveillance.


Planned patient accrual: 4000 patients

Actual accrual: 1667 patients (January 2018)


Primary endpoint

The accuracy of molecular stool tests in detecting CRC and advanced adenomas in a surveillance population.



Study update:


In November 2015 the MOCCAS study started in two centers. Since then we have expanded to fourteen locations that include patients in the study. In January 2018 we achieved 1667 inclusions. All stool samples are processed at one of the laboratory sites in Amsterdam or Maastricht. The processed Cologuard® samples are then sent in batches to the USA, where Exact Sciences performs the analysis. The FIT samples are analysed routinely by members of our lab. In February 2017, a full description of the study protocol was published in BMC Cancer.


Inclusions will be stopped when the sample size of 4000 patients is reached. In the meanwhile, an interim analysis will be performed to gain insights in the test performance.


Most importantly, we would like to thank the participating centers for their enthusiasm!

The MOCCAS study team